Squeal on Pigs Manitoba has an active group of staff and field technicians covering all parts of the province. This includes working with landowners and stakeholders, setting up trail cameras and other surveillance tactics, and ultimately trapping and removing wild pigs from the landscape.

As a result, the team has access to a wide array of content that is available for the public and the media to access through this website. Look through this library of assets to see some of the examples of the movements of wild pigs, the destruction they can cause, and some of our field and engagement events, to name a few.

To use these photos in publications, articles, or other public venues, please credit Squeal on Pigs Manitoba.

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Winter Trapping
Infrared Drone
Infrared Drone (2)
Outreach Campaign Sticker
Outreach Campaign Sticker (2)
Cell Camera
Cell Camera (2)
Cell Camera Software
Baiting Buckets
Baiting Buckets (2)
Cell Camera Close-up
Rubber Pig Track Samples
12 documents